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Advanced Storage Solutions


Avni's warehouses cover an area of 8,000 sq.m. and enable maximum storage flexibility for a variety of companies from all industries in Ghana.

Our storage method is based on payment per area actually utilized, which can be increased or decreased in accordance with the client's requirements. This method makes the storage capability of companies and organizations more efficient by giving them the option of renting a managed warehouse. Companies and organizations save on many operating costs and current expenses, by obtaining storage together with inventory control. The contents of our warehouses are computerized by means of warehouse management software, enabling full control of the goods in storage, with the option of alerting the client concerning inventory levels at all times.

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The logistics center of Avni's warehouses enables the acceptance of goods, equipment and items of any size, and distribution anywhere in the country by our professional and skilled forwarding team. All entering or exiting merchandise is packed and receives a specific code, enabling its location to be monitored from the moment it is admitted into the warehouse until delivery to the client. The Avni team consists of skilled and professional personnel who are given dedicated training in order to provide the best possible service.

The storage services are suited to a range of clients throughout Ghana:  retailers, internet traders, government entities, communication and infrastructure companies, banks, importers, exporters, etc. We also work vis-à-vis purchasing entities, logistics and operation departments, warehouses and factories. Avni can store a broad range of products by means of cardboard/plastic boxes, wooden pallets, containers, shelves and various types of boxes.


The Avni logistics center is guarded and secured 24/7 by advanced means of protection, a security company, CCTV, electrical fence, and more. In addition, the goods are insured against natural disasters, theft and secondary damage.

The logistic chain

Freight & Loading

The work method at Avni finds expression in the following fields:

  • Significant reduction in current operating costs by maintaining optimum minimum / maximum inventory levels, close monitoring of expensive inventory and FIFO / LIFO inventory movement.

  • Implementation of the most up-to-date solutions, which improve the level of the client's assurance, and make inventory management techniques more efficient.

  • Comprehensive logistics capabilities, providing coverage of all regions of Ghana.

  • Initial collection service, packaging, handling, coding inventory items, re-branding, inventory management, and shipment to end clients.

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