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Generators often serve as a crucial backup, or even the main, power source in many power- operated assets, which makes their consistent functioning imperative. With GalooliPower, generator-based businesses enjoy an all-inclusive, AI-driven solution that, through smart alerts, contributes to increased generator life, effortless generator maintenance, work that is more efficient and greater operational savings.


A Smart System to Streamline the Use of Generators which Provides Alerts in Real Time

Our Solutions

Preventative Maintenance
Harness sophisticated AI-generated machine diagnostics to anticipate malfunctions ahead of time and schedule maintenance for optimal efficiency and increased OPEX savings.
Accurate amperage readings ensure generator load optimization.

Al Insights 

Generators are core components in many power operated assets, whether as backup or potentially as main power source. Galoolipower gives generator-based businesses an all-inclusive solution with ai-driven insights for better generator maintenance, increasing generator life, better work efficiency and greater operational savings.

Our Advantages

Data-driven analysis to identify and maintain site’s
optimal energy-efficiency point

Extended generator longevity


Reduction in fuel theft


Accurate prediction of operational expenses


data points collected

every minute


savings in electricity expenses


fewer faults and malfunctions


fuel expenses

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